What exactly is Branding?


The term “branding” is bandied about in every industry and organization today. But what does branding really mean? After all, it’s just a logo and some colors right? The American Marketing Association defines a brand as, “A Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of another seller’s.” Branding is what sets your company apart from your competitors. Brand development and management helps you communicate, connect, and explain what your unique concept is all about. Hollywood Publicist and NY Times Bestselling author, Michael Levine’s Tiffany Theory says, “If you give someone a present, and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe that the gift has a higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything– our politicians, our corporate CEOs, our celebrities, and even our toilet paper.” Why is Tiffany & Co. preferred more than any other jewelry brand? The Logo? The color? Perhaps. But their branded website, exquisite locations, quality and customer service all support and enhance the company’s perceived value. That’s a BRAND!



Who is BrandPolished and what exactly do you do?


BrandPolished is a forward thinking creative agency obsessed with brands and the businesses behind them. Creating the flawless look and feel that makes your company stand out is where we shine. Whether it’s recognizable campaigns, innovative marketing strategies, or the perfect brand design that makes you look polished for customers and investors alike, BrandPolished is your solution for connecting with the right person, in the right way, at the right time. We believe that the only line that counts in design is the bottom line. That’s why we focus all of our energy and expertise on combining art, science, and strategy to provide maximum revenue results. Over the years, we’ve sharpened our edge by working with various types of clients from unique start-ups to large corporations in all kinds of industries. Our tailored approach has successfully allowed our clients to achieve nationwide brand visibility, credibility, and sellability. Through amazing design, strong communication, and open collaboration we partner with you to reach your ideal customer every time. How we can help:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Social Media design/creative asset packages
  • Content Marketing
  • Website design & development
  • Platform design & UI/UX
  • App design & prototyping
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Personal Branding
  • Print or digital Collateral
  • Trade Show/Event Planning/Design



What is a creative agency?


A creative agency is a group of passionate individuals who specialize in all things digital marketing, from logo design to e-commerce websites. Our approach combines the of art, science, and strategy of marketing to maximize results. Our SCRUM based creative process allows our team to adapt quickly to any project or situation regardless of stage. We’re a design, advertising, and consulting service all in one place. Let’s not forget about the actual creativity. We’re also dreamers, storytellers, and brand enthusiasts. We are entrepreneurs with the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, and relationships in business to create meaningful new ideas that speak to people from the heart. With a strategy first, execution second philosophy we challenge you to get creative with your marketing efforts. If you can see it in your mind, we can make it a reality.



What Industries do you work with?


BrandPolished was established in 2010 and incorporated in 2013. Over our 7 years in business and a combined 30 years in team expertise, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple industry types with varying levels of budgets and years in business. As a result of our extensive work with startup companies and serial entrepreneurs, we have a unique perspective on branding that allows us to see the design as well as the technical logistics involved in making the project a success.



Where are you located & what hours do you operate?


BrandPolished is located in the Irvine Towers in Irvine, Ca in the county of Orange. See our contact us page for the address and directions. We operate on a Monday through Friday work week and are available to clients from 9:00am PST to 6:00pm PST. We are unavailable to clients on major holidays, but the project timeframe will account for holidays in order to give plenty of realistic time for deadlines. See our Facebook page for updates.



What types of projects do you produce?


BrandPolished has worked on plethora of creative project ranging from logos, branding design, e-books, investor decks, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, email campaigns, responsive websites and the list goes on. For a full description of our projects, see our Work page.



Will communication be a hassle?


Communication will never be a problem when you work with us. You can reach us in the traditional ways such as by phone and email. Meetings can be face to face or video call via Skype. We’ve also recently added Facebook Messenger as additional option. In an effort to streamline processes and collaborate effectively, our team utilizes several online platforms such as Insightly, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote and Freshbooks to manage our clients and projects effectively. Please let us know how you communicate best and the apps that you use. We will do our best to communicate with you in your preferred form.



How much will I have to pay?


Every project is unique with it’s own deadlines, deliverables, and circumstances. It’s hard to give an exact number because our rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis according to the work required. Our approach involves personalizing the project and work required in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Naturally that means that our rates vary. In order to make investing in your company easier and more affordable, BrandPolished has partnered with PayPal to offer financing through PayPal Credit. For a personalized quote, fill out our Request a Quote form and schedule a consultation. From our Team Calendar choose the meeting type, day, and time that work best for you. Our team calendar syncs in real time to prevent double booking.



We are a Startup, can you still help us?


No matter what phase of development you’re in, we can offer you the knowledge and expertise that you need to get your Startup up and running and on a path to success. If you’re just beginning and are only at the concept or idea phase, we can work with you to map out your business plan and marketing strategy to help you clearly define your vision and goals for customers and investors alike. If you’ve already gotten past 1st or 2nd round of funding, then we can begin creative design that will give your startup a brand and a life of its own. Based on your most pressing needs, we can help get your branding (logo, style guide, colors, social media assets, and business cards), website, advertising and print materials polished in time for trade shows or investor presentations based on your deadlines.



We’re looking for an agency to integrate into our team to manage our digital presence, are you who we’re looking for?


Absolutely! We have experience with online brand management and social media management for small to midsize businesses. We work hand in hand with you and your team to transition to the new management. We also do a complete brand audit on all marketing efforts in order to analyze what is working and what should be modified. Starting with a collaborative session to discuss needs and strategy, we can then offer assistance with a host of digital marketing tools such as social media management (SMM), email marketing (EDM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising.

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